My Rant for the day Government Help???

Ok. This is my first post to my first blog. I am not really sure how this goes but I am going to just wing it.

First a little about me. I am a 27 year old single mother to a wonderful 5 year old boy. My boy 5 months old at the time I went back to work so I could give him a good life. I lost my job when he was 16 months old. So I decided to go to post secondary and in 10 months graduated with an average of 82. It felt amazing to be able to accomplish that with my son. So I started working at a cafe here in town….Did not last long. And as of now I work as an OSC Child care provider.

Recently my hours at work have been cut drastically! As a single mother how are you able to live off 30 hours every 2 weeks? NOT me that’s for sure, not when you have to dish out crap loads of money.

Daycare fees, school fees, rent, Food, the list goes on. All you single moms (and dads) know it is not easy to make ends meet especially while doing it alone.

Now I am not the smartest cookie in the jar. My son’s father finally came into the picture just after his 3rd birthday. Now asking him for help is useless. He helps me when ever he feels like it. So he was struggling to get work so I decided to lift the maintenance order. BIG mistake. As soon as I did that the mother of his daughter put her order in. (She is a month and 6 days younger than my son BTW.) So I just screwed myself there all because I am a nice person and tried to help him. Even though he says I’m parenting my son wrong and other BS.

So my last resort is to go get some social assistance. I did not realize how hard it is to find a job once your child is in school and daycare. I need hours that allow me to come home and cook dinner as well as be with my son before having to go to work the next morning. Most places want you to be able to work evening and weekends. It is impossible of you don’t have any kind of childcare after hours or on weekends. I find it very frustrating that I can’t get much help from my government. I am a born and raised Canadian single mother who has to fight for help. But my government would rather help refugees before helping their own citizens. Don’t get me wrong I am happy that my government is trying to help these people I really am, but sorry as a Canadian citizen we should get the help first. How can we expect the govenrment to help other countries if they cant help their own? It is not just us single parents. There are so many homeless veterans! These men and women risked their lives for Canada and they get kicked to the curb. Our veterans should be getting help before these other people who come into Canada.

These families who get 1800.00 a month to live off. I am angry at this. They get this much money to live off but I am only entitled to 599.00 a month to live off. WTF is wrong with that?

Anyway if this blog post offends anyone I am sorry about that. But this is my rant for today.